Royal Recipe: Christmas Pudding with three types of alcohol – ‘delicious’

Royal chef shares recipe for Christmas pudding

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The Royal Family are seemingly all getting into the Christmas spirit, similarly to Britons all over the country right now. Royal recipes are very popular with royal fans, who enjoy eating recipes that the Queen and her family indulge in. This enjoyment amplifies over Christmas due to the many royal recipes that are released over Christmastime.

The Royal Family previously released their official Christmas pudding recipe to royal fans.

Queen Elizabeth II’s official Instagram page shared the Palace’s customary recipe for its annual Christmas pudding, traditionally prepared on ‘Stir-Up Sunday,’ (the Sunday before Advent season).

The recipe has been described as a “boozy pudding recipe” by royal fans due to the high amount of alcohol content in the recipe.

This Christmas pudding includes three types of alcohol: beer, rum, and brandy.

This recipe is certainly one royal fans can enjoy in their kitchen this Christmas season.

Recipe: Royal family’s Christmas pudding


250g raisins
250g currants
185g sultanas
150g mixed peel
250g suet
250g breadcrumbs
90g flour
12gm mixed spice
Two whole eggs
180g demerara sugar
275ml beer
40ml dark rum
40ml brandy


  1. First, combine all the dry ingredients and stir them up.

  2. Add the eggs and liquid, stir it all up.

  3. Grease your pudding basins.

  4. Press the cake mix into the basins.

  5. Cover with a circle of parchment paper.

6. Cover basins with muslin or foil, and place puddings into a deep saucepan.

7. Fill with water up to three-quarters of the pudding basin height. Cover with foil.

8. Steam for six hours, refilling water if necessary.

9. Once cooled, wrap the puddings well and keep them in a cool, dry and dark place until Christmas.

10. On Christmas Day, reheat your pudding in a bain-marie for three to four hours.

11. Remove from the basin using a rounded knife or palette knife, flip out onto a plate, garnish, and serve with brandy sauce and cream.

Royal fans were very pleased with the royal recipe and shared their thoughts underneath the video on Instagram.

Instagram user @lomond94 wrote: “Heavy…but delicious.”

Similarly, Instagram user @diana1967yard added: “Looks yummy.”

However, some fans were concerned about the high alcohol content in the Christmas pudding.

Instagram user @wouterreuvers commented, saying: “So much alcohol it’s like Drunkingham Palace.”

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