‘Saves you so much time’ Easy hack for the ‘perfect grated parmesan cheese’

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TikTok user Georgie Halfacree is a food, travel and lifestyle creator who shares recipes and food hacks to almost 500,000 followers. One of her viral videos was entitled ‘Parmesan cheese hack’.

Georgie explained: “So you’re going to get your big block of parmesan and cut it into big chunks.”

These chunks do not have to be neat or even.

The next tip may be surprising.

“Now get all of your parmesan and just chuck it into a blender.”

A quick whiz and the parmesan is grated perfectly.

“And that’s the secret behind perfectly fine parmesan.”

She recommended that cheese enthusiasts use this time saving hack next time they are making a pasta dish – particularly carbonara.

This works especially well when cooking for a large group of people.

But why is that?

Georgie explained: “To grate this amount of cheese would literally take hours.”

Not to mention, this gives respite to poor hands that often suffer grated knuckles or muscle ache.

She concluded: “Just put it in the blender and you’ll get the perfect parmesan cheese.

@georgiehalfacree Parmesan Cheese Hack ⚠️ #kitchenhack #ukfood #unimeals ♬ original sound – Georgie

“It’s going to save you so much time.”

To preserve the cheese, Georgie recommended storing it in an airtight container.

Parmesan is a hard cheese, so it will last longer than soft cheese.

This is because soft cheese is more moist and has more optimum conditions for growing bacteria.

The TikTok video was extremely popular among cheese lovers, amassing 35,300 likes so far.

It has also been saved 1354 times.

@haadrinuk commented: “I did this! Omg what a lifesaver!”

@theptchef seconded this: “Need to try this! It’s way too much effort to grate all the parmesan.”

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