Slow the Spread of Germs in Your Kitchen With a Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

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Shared surfaces are hot zones for potential germ passing. Handles, doorknobs, remotes, and banisters can all host unwanted bacteria and viruses and transfer them to unsuspecting users. That's why good hand hygiene is important. Plus, with the threat of COVID-19 growing stronger in many states, the need for regular hand washing grows stronger by the day, too.

Regular hand hygiene, however, will leave you spending a lot of quality time with your sink and soap. Though you may be headed to rinse and cleanse your hands at the sink, you touch the soap dispenser first, leaving behind a trail of bacteria and viruses for the next person to pick up and pass along if they aren't practicing their 20-second scrub down and getting their hands free of potential sick-making germs.

In a kitchen, you also have to touch soap dispensers after handling raw meat and produce, both of which can harbor bacteria that can make people in your home quite ill. But you can cut down on the chance of sharing bacteria and viruses with a hands-free soap dispenser. These battery-operated devices dispenses soaps or hand sanitizers with the swipe of a hand or sponge. You don't have to touch a pump or squeeze a bottle.

Since the pandemic began, hands-free soap dispensers have been hard to find in stores and online, but manufacturers are beginning to catch up to demand. In fact, Amazon has been restocking their top-selling soap dispensers. Some new brands, like HadinEEon, are earning high praise for their well-designed hands-free soap dispensers, while classic brands like Simplehuman are still thrilling customers with their smart designs.

We scoured all of Amazon's soap dispensers to find the best ones for both your budget and your needs. Here, we outline our 6 favorites so you can decide which is right for your home and your family.

Large-capacity Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers: Secura Touchless Automatic Adjustable Soap Dispenser

Three-quarters of the 5,300 reviews for the Secura Touchless Automatic Adjustable Soap Dispenser deliver five stars, which gives this hands-free soap dispenser a fantastic 4.3 stars. With a 17-ounce container, you won't have to refill this soap dispenser as often as you will smaller ones, which is great for heavy washers or a large family. And if your counter space is limited, this may be the best option for you, as it can be mounted to a wall easily.

Buy it: $37; Amazon

Stainless Steel Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers: TROPRO Automatic Soap Dispenser

If you're trying to match your kitchen's stainless steel aesthetic, this all-stainless TROPRO Automatic Soap Dispenser look is the right pick for you. An infrared motion detector picks up on hands quickly to dispense the soap. You can also use dish soap or hand sanitizer if you prefer, and you can adjust the amount if you want more or less liquid with each discharge. (Consider getting a second one for your entry table so everyone can sanitize their hands as they kick off their shoes at the entry.)

Buy it: $37; Amazon

Splurge-worthy Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers: SimpleHuman Touch-Free Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser

Simplehuman is known for high-end design and smart products that make life at home easier. The Simplehuman Touch-free Liquid Soap Dispensers have been hard to find since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but they're starting to appear back in store supplies. One negative for Simplehuman? They design their products for their own products, so they recommend their (rather expensive) soap refills for this soap dispenser. Reviewers say you can use your own soap, but you may have to water down the soap to get it to the right consistency for the dispenser.

Buy it: $50; Amazon

Adjustable Soap Pump

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers: Hanamichi Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser

The Hanamichi Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser is a stainless steel dispenser with a clear plastic soap unit on the back. "Literally, this thing looks stunning and sleek! It functions well, responds fast, and has a nice size to pour in the liquid," one reviewer wrote.

This dispenser can also be used with hand sanitizer, and one reviewer says it's the greatest option they've found for just that: "I’ve stationed this by my front door and loaded it with locally sourced and manufactured liquid hand sanitizer. This makes it so any visitors can easily sanitizer themselves without ever having touched anything in my house. It gives me piece of mind, and a peaceful mind where it comes to having to let people in. Since it is so simple and convenient, my sons actually use it."

Buy it: $40; Amazon

Foaming Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers: HadinEEon Foaming Touchless Soap Dispenser

If you like the feeling of foam soap instead of liquid soap, the HadinEEon Foaming Touchless Soap Dispenser is the best pick for you. The infrared motion detector distributes soap in as little as 0.2 seconds, and it holds 12 ounces of foaming soap, which can last up to three months for families with regular use. And no need to buy specially formulated foam soap; you can use your favorite variety from the supermarket. "This is a great foaming soap dispenser to have in a family home. With the normal pump system, my toddler uses 5-6 pumps!" one reviewer wrote. "This automatic dispenser makes you be patient as it dispenses the perfect amount of soap with no waste! Great for conserving soap during the pandemic AND being hands-free clean!"

Buy it: $35; Amazon

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