Stockpiling: Countries with the best & worst food security mapped – how secure is the UK?

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused many shoppers across the world to fill their cupboards with essential items. Some supermarket customers have been stockpiling goods leaving many shelves empty. This is the full list of countries with the best and world food security.


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While shoppers have been urged not to buy more than they need, this hasn’t stopped some people filling their trolleys with products.

Essential items including pasta, hand sanitiser and toilet roll have been in short supply in many shops.

Despite this, supermarket bosses have constantly assured customers there is plenty of food available for everyone.

Research from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 Global Food Security Index showed which countries really have the best food security.

Best countries for food security

1. Singapore

2. Ireland

3. United States

4. Switzerland

5. Finland

6. Norway

7. Sweden

8. Canada

9. Netherlands

10. Australia

Worst countries for food security

1. Venezuela

2. Burundi

3. Yemen

4. Congo (Dominican Republic)

5. Chad

6. Madagascar

7. Syria

8. Sierra Leone

9. Mozambique

10. Malawi


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How secure is the UK?

The United Kingdom ranked at number 17 on the list of countries with the best food security.

The research analysed 113 different countries around the world to find out what their security was like.

It analysed factors such as affordability, availability, quality and safety.

The scores were added up to give an overall total and the countries were ranked based on this.

Singapore was a clear winner showing to be the most secure country, closely followed by Ireland, the United States and Switzerland.

The research found Venezuela to be the country with the worst food security.

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