Taco Bell Has Reformulated Their Nacho Fries to Be Even Tastier


As you’re probably aware, Taco Bell is a brand that believes in both Living Mas and Thinking Outside the Bun. Nacho Fries were a perfect distillation of those two brand mantras when they appeared on the scene in 2018… until they disappeared from view.

Thankfully, Taco Bell has seen the error of its ways and has decided to go back to how things were for 2020. According to Thrillist, the fry-shaped nacho and queso combo you maybe know and maybe love will be making their triumphant return to Taco Bell menus on January 30th, just in time for your Tex-Mex themed Super Bowl party.

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While the return of Nacho Fries is news enough, it sounds like Taco bell has plans to revamp its south of the border take on the classic fast food side. According to a spokesperson, they’ll be offering an “all-new flavor innovation that’s sure to receive critical and fan acclaim.” That’s pretty vague and unhelpful as far as statements go, but the mere fact that we can expect some sort of flavor innovation in the weeks ahead registers as a pleasant surprise and a good omen for the year ahead.

So let the countdown— and speculation— begin. Will we be greeted with a superior take on or an alternative to (chipotle mayo?) the dipping cheese these bad boys come with? New, bolder, and spicier nacho fry flavors? Something completely different that transcends the very concepts of “nacho” and “fry” as we currently understand them? There’s no way of knowing, but the lives of Taco Bell fans are about to get a whole lot Mas-er.


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