The cheapest Christmas dinner named – feed eight guests for just £21

Gordon Ramsay shows off a 'sorted' Christmas dinner

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Designated chefs can feed a family of eight this Christmas for a mere £21.72, according to the Good Housekeeping Cost of Christmas Dinner Survey.

This is 5p less than it was to feed the same amount of people last Christmas – with a difference of 0.2 percent.

The survey compared the prices of 11 staple Christmas dinner items, including a whole turkey, potatoes, sprouts, carrots and parsnips, stuffing mix, a jar of cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, at least eight mince pies and a jar of brandy butter.

These food items were, of course, in quantities that could amply feed eight hungry Christmas dinner guests.

The measurements were as followed: “A whole turkey weighing at least 3.5kg; at least 880g potatoes (Maris Piper or King Edward), at least 880g each of sprouts, carrots and parsnips; at least 170g stuffing mix; a jar of cranberry sauce, weighing at least 200g; at least 900g Christmas pudding; at least 900g Christmas cake; at least eight mince pies and a jar of brandy butter, weighing at least 200g.”

Prices for these items were supplied by eight of the UK’s leading supermarkets, Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, ASDA, M&S, Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, and quantities were based on eight people sitting down to dinner together.

“Each year, we look for the cheapest price for the food items that make up a traditional Christmas dinner across a range of supermarkets.

“This year, like last year, we’ve then added together the cheapest prices we’ve found for these items to find the cheapest possible total price you could pay for Christmas dinner if you shopped around. We haven’t compared the cost of doing a complete shop for Christmas dinner at each supermarket,” Good Housekeeping reported.

A spokesperson explained that this comparison was a matter of finding the cheapest price: “This isn’t a taste test”.

While it is only a 0.2 percent decrease in price from Christmas 2020, it is a victory.

“This is the cheapest price that has been seen for Christmas dinner since 2016.

“Six of the Christmas staples – sprouts, carrots, parsnips, stuffing, Christmas pudding and mince pies – are cheaper this year,” they explained.

The greatest drop in price was for mince pies; eight of the cheapest mince pies fell by a whopping 52 percent from 2020.

Some good news for sprouts lovers: the cheapest Brussels sprouts are 32p less than last year.

According to Foodhub, roast potatoes are the nation’s favourite element of Christmas dinner.

The cheapest price for the UK’s favourite Christmas ingredient remained the same since 2020.

Cranberry sauce, Christmas cake and brandy butter followed suit and have also remained the same price in 2021.

The staple of most people’s Christmas dinner, the turkey, has actually increased in price, but only by a barely noticeable 1p.

Discussing the results of their survey, Emilie Martin, Good Housekeeping Consumer Affairs Director said: “After a financially uncertain couple of years, and against a backdrop of rising inflation, it’s encouraging to know that it’s possible to spend less on Christmas dinner this year than you did last year.

“This is good news for anyone who’s worried about the cost of Christmas but still wants to make the festivities feel special.”

To further save money this festive season, families can use their leftovers from December 25 to try new recipes such as Jamie Oliver’s leftover turkey and sweet leek pie.

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