The Queen’s secret ingredient for perfect pancakes – ‘keeps the pancakes moist’

Cooking: How to make 'fluffy' American pancakes

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Queen Elizabeth’s royal chefs revealed to royal fans how the monarch enjoys her pancakes. They said on social media they contain a special ingredient to “keep the pancakes moist”. The ingredient in question is homemade nutty butter.

The Royal Family posted on Instagram saying: “The Royal Chefs have suggested three ways to serve pancakes,” read the Instagram caption, next to photos of the Queen’s favourite pancake toppings.

“Jam and cream pancakes, classic lemon and sugar pancakes, savoury ham, leek and cheese pancakes.”

The sweet and savoury suggestions quickly sparked a mixed reaction from fans, who weighed in about the best toppings.

“Lemon all the way. Anything else is blasphemous,” joked one royal fan, Dan Phillips.

A second fan, Nora O’Gorman, remarked: “Prefer the first one.”

A third, Conor Jordan added: “Sugar and lemon or Nutella.”

Others noted the recipe itself created very thin pancakes rather than fluffy ones.

Karen Davern wrote: “Sorry, but these seem like crêpes suzettes.”

Below is the royal recipe for the traditional pancake served at Buckingham Palace, which can be served with any of the toppings mentioned above.

The Queen’s royal pancake recipe


125g plain flour
30g sugar
Two medium eggs
Three egg yolks
Pinch of Salt
250ml milk
40g butter


Step one

The royal chefs explained on the Royal Family’s website how to make the nutty butter.

They said: “To make the ‘beurre noisette’ (nutty butter in French), place butter in a pan and cook gently until all the water in the butter cooks off and the milk solids will separate to the bottom of the pan and gently golden.

“This will spit gently and once quietens down will have turned a nutty brown colour, set this aside to cool.

“This adds great flavour and keeps the pancakes moist.”

Step two

Combine the dry ingredients with the eggs in stages to create a smooth batter.

Add the milk in stages, and finally the beurre noisette.

Step three

Cook in a hot frying pan and flip it halfway through.

Step four

Serve with your favourite toppings.

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