The Ultimate Test for Costco Lovers

Costco is a magical land of savings, samples, and sheet cakes. Offering everything from fruit snacks to vacation deals, the wholesale store has everything you need to stock your pantry, garage, and, heck, your entire home. When your favorite staples are sold in bulk, why buy one when you can buy nine? Whether it’s a shiny, new item or a grocery store staple, everything is better at a Costco price. 

Sometimes, even the most determined minds can’t make it out without a year’s supply of vitamins or a $1.50 hot-dog-and-soda combo. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying, “I could use that” to a 93-inch plush bear, or browsed through Halloween costumes for kids you don’t have, you’re going to love Costco Bingo, the ultimate test of Costco fandom. 

We invite you to embrace the simultaneous joy and struggle that defines a trip to Costco and see how many scenarios you can cross off the Costco Bingo board. In our world, it’s okay to get overzealous on the number of avocados you need, or stroll the aisles as if you’re window shopping. We’ve all been there. One thing is for sure, you will always spend more time in Costco than you plan to. 



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