These Naturally Pink Lemons Are Our Latest Produce Obsession


As a child, few things seem more refreshing than a cold glass of pink lemonade on a warm summer day, but to get that rosy hue, most mixes are chockfull of artificial flavors and colors. As adults, we try to steer clear of those fake ingredients. Turns out, there's an all-natural way to sip on a citrusy rose-colored drink thanks to pink lemons—and you can easily find them at your local Trader Joe's.

Citrus limon 'Variegated Pink Eureka'—often referred to as pink lemon or pink lemonade lemon—first popped up in Burbank, California, in 1931, according to the University of California Citrus Variety Collection. The very first fruit was a sport of a Eureka lemon tree, which means it was part of a plant, but physically different from the usual growth. When a sport has desirable qualities, like with the pink lemon, it can be propagated to make a new variety.

The citrus gets its name from its pink flesh, which intensifies as it matures, and its variegated (different colored) green and white peel. Each fruit has few, if any seeds, and a tart flavor. Although they're not as common as their yellow lemon counterparts, you can buy this pink variety throughout the year, mainly in late winter, spring, and early summer.

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Although the variegated pink lemon has been around for nearly 90 years, we're recently seeing this eye-catching produce in supermarkets across the country. The Instagram account @traderjoesobsessed spotted the fruit at Trader Joe's over the weekend. The location in Montrose, California, offers a three-pack of lemons for just $1.69. They're also available at Hy-Vee and Whole Foods, according to the stores' websites. With the exception of a few states, you can order three pounds of pink lemons for $20.79 from Melissa's, on organic produce supplier. (A spokesperson from Melissa's noted the lemons are also available at Albertsons, The Fresh Market, and Safeway.) You're also able to purchase them online from Instacart, where they're sold by Sprouts and Fairway.

If you have a green thumb and live in zones 8-10, you can even grow a pink lemon tree yourself. Amazon sells a six-inch potted tree for just $24.99 to anywhere in the United States, except for Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas, or Puerto Rico. With proper care, you'll be able to grow beautiful, tart fruits right in your backyard.

Whether you pick up a few from your local grocery store or grow your own tree, the pink produce will be a delicious addition to a lemon cake, a batch of lemon bars, or just a fresh pitcher of lemonade to make you feel like a kid again.

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