These Pastel Baking Chips Will Add Serious Cheer to Your Sweet Treats

pastel baking chips

Baked goods and pastel hues just go together. They are adorable yet powerful, and deserve the utmost respect. 

So these new pastel baking chips by Yümmalo, a whimsical marshmallow brand, are a match made in sugary heaven. If you’re not particularly fond of the colors in this batch—pastel pink, yellow, blue, and purple—consider one of Yümmalo’s other varieties: rainbow (the six shades we all know and love), Halloween (orange and black), or winter mix (white and light blue). There’s also a red and green Christmas blend, which is only available in stores. 

You can swap these in wherever you’d typically use regular baking chips. Try mixing them into cookie dough or banana bread batter, or sprinkling them over pancakes as they're cooking on the griddle (before you flip them!). These baking chips are also a fantastic companion for more colorful treats like our Unicorn Snack Bars.

People who’ve used the baking chips say they taste like white chocolate. Yümmalo, might I suggest your next batch of baking chips be marshmallow-flavored and perfectly combine your product selection? Interested in grabbing a bag? You can find all five varieties in 10-ounce bags at Walmart for $2.47. 



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