This Coffee Subscription Service Sends You Curated Disney Coffee Every Month


If you happen to be a parent or one of those childless adults who has a (frankly concerning) obsession with Disney’s theme parks, it could be hard to get out of bed in the morning at a time like this. Though the media conglomerate’s outposts on both coasts recently announced that they hope to reopen in July, that’s still more than a month away— and potentially longer if you’re not ready to go to a crowded place like that just yet.

If you’re desperate to recreate the experience of waking up at a Disney resort, then you should probably sign up to get the same stuff you’d find next to Mickey-shaped waffles at the breakfast buffet delivered to your doorstep. Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company, the official supplier of Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Vacation club, has launched a coffee subscription service available in three different curated collections, including, most importantly, the Disney Signature Coffee Collection.

Consisting of actual coffee that was likely destined for a Disney park before the whole “worldwide pandemic” thing happened, Joffrey’s aims to help you “relive your most memorable Disney moments with a monthly rotation of three of our specialty coffee blends inspired by Disney Parks & Resorts.” It may sound silly to think that a cup of coffee could qualify as a “memorable Disney moment”, but something tells me most parents visiting a Disney park are pretty well-acquainted with the coffee offerings by the time their trip is over.

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No matter your preferred coffee preparation method or flavor profile, the curated collection has you covered. You can choose from whole beans, French press grind or fully ground coffee, so even a Keurig owner could theoretically get in on this. Flavor options include the medium-roasted fruity, nutty Kona Blend, a full-bodied California Grill dark roast, and the Ethiopian-Indonesian fusion of Artifact blend.

You can choose from a three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription period, yielding you a selection of three bags each month. At $43.69 a month, the Disney Signature Coffee Collection is slightly pricier than Joffrey’s alternative collections. But you can’t put a price on pretending to be at Disney before you even finish breakfast.


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