This Incredible Pizza Crust Mix Is Why I Started Making Pizzas At Home

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In most cases, the hierarchy of at-home pizza options is pretty cut and dry. There’s store-bought frozen pizza—which is often a crapshoot when it comes to quality—at the bottom. There’s delivery in the middle, which holds some nostalgic appeal for those of us who grew up mesmerized by 1990s innovations like stuffed crust. And at the top, there’s freshly homemade pizza—the holy grail of at-home pie-making.

For the majority of my life, homemade pizza was not in my wheelhouse. Frozen? Fine. Delivery? Sure. But between the time it takes for traditional pizza dough to come together—then rise, then rest, then rise again—and a lack of patience for such an involved process after a long day of work, homemade pizza seemed out of my grasp.

Easy never tasted so awesome.

Until I discovered Weisenberger Mill's Pizza Crust Mix.

A family-operated business dating back to 1865, Weisenberger Mill is a central Kentucky company that specializes in producing all kinds of grain products—from yellow grits to bread flour—that have earned them a kind of cult following among home cooks. For me, though, it’s the pizza crust mix that’s the real game changer. For just a $1.25 per pouch, you can whip up pizza dough made from locally sourced, non-GMO wheat made by Kentucky’s oldest continuously operating mill simply by adding water, forming it into a ball, and allowing it to rest for 30 minutes. (During which time you can organize your toppings or, you know, have a glass of wine. Do you.)

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Once the dough has rested, it’s time to get creative! The mix from each pouch makes enough for a pie on the smaller side—enough for one hungry person or a not-so-famished couple—so making two or three different pizzas is typically my go-to move. Having multiple pies allows for plenty of experimentation with toppings, and the dough is high-quality enough that I never worry about it losing its crispness under the weight of even the densest sauces. What’s more, kids love to get involved with this, and the process—from dough-making to topping selection—is simple enough that they can get really hands-on. Once the pies are properly dressed, pop them in the oven for 10 minutes or so and—voila!—dinner is on the table.

Pizza-making using the Weisenberger Mill mix is both fun and frugal: a way to use up leftover produce as toppings or get a group of friends together for a DIY pizza-making party. Who would’ve thought that achieving the holy grail of at-home pizza—freshly made—would end up being easier than calling out for delivery?

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