This Michigan Fast Food Chain Bases Its Coffee Prices On January Temperatures


In a lot of states across the country, January is a pretty bleak month. The holidays have come and gone, while the weather can get brutally cold, miserable, and even dangerous. Hot coffee is a must not just for the caffeine content, but for the sheer warmth it provides.

Recently, the inverse relationship between hot coffee importance and air temperature has inspired a small burger chain to set up an unmissable deal. Specifically, the angels at Halo Burger have decided to peg the price of a cup of coffee to the chilly temperatures of a Michigan winter. The burger joint will charge guests based on a “Coffee forecast,” where the daily high in degrees Farenheit corresponds to the number of pennies you’ll pay for a cup of joe this January. So when the mercury dips to 20 degrees, you’ll pay just $0.20 per cup.

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According to QSRWeb, the inspiration for the magic, meteorologically-determined deal is almost as old as Halo Burger itself. "This campaign was actually born out of a customer service call," Olivia ross, Director of Marketing for Halo Burger, said in a press release. "After spending some time talking to this guest, they informed (us that) the Thomas family (founders of chain) used to price coffee every day according to the temperature. I immediately knew we had to bring it back."

There is one important caveat, however. Halo Burger admits that it will charge a minimum of 10 cents for every cup of coffee, which feels reasonable enough. But if you were reading this hoping that Halo Burger would somehow pay you to take their coffee if the daily high in Flint was below zero, tough luck.

Still, you’re not going to find cheaper coffee anywhere else in Michigan this month, and hopefully the price stays a bit above ten cents for the sake of everyone living up there. Either way, that cheap coffee will come in handy during this year’s war against Old Man Winter.



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