This Pork Sausage Was Just Recalled Due to Plastic Contamination Concerns

Blood Sausage

If you’re celebrating Christmas this week, you may be looking forward to a lovely Yuletide breakfast as you open gifts. But if you were expecting to enjoy some pork sausage, a recent recall announcement means you should probably at least check the label before serving up some holiday sausage this year.

This week, Ashland Sausage Co., a Carol Stream, Illinois company, has put the kibosh on a whole 1,092 pounds of pork sausage that “may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically hard, dark plastic,” as Food Safety News reports. You read that right: plastic.

The recall concerns 12-ounce plastic-cased five-packs of Berkshire Natural Casing Sausage, specifically with lot code S318 and bearing the USDA inspection establishment number “EST. 21549”. Consumers in Illinois and New York, the two states where the batch of tainted sausage is sold, should be on the lookout.

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The news comes at a time when some have expressed concern over new inspection regulations (or lack thereof), which could lead to “‘mystery’ meat and other unwanted materials [that] will contaminate pork throughout the U.S.” according to The Hill. For what it’s worth, Ashland Sausage self-reported the issue to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service after receiving a customer complaint.

The good news is that FSIS hasn’t received any reports from customers who have fallen ill from eating the plastic-laden sausage. It’s unclear what kind of illness or injury eating plastic would cause, but you should probably not do that either way just to be safe

So this Christmas, leave the plastic for those gifts under the tree rather than your breakfast plate by not eating recalled sausage. Your relatives will be glad you did.  

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