This Record-Breaking Avocado Made Enough Guacamole For 20 People

Guiness Records Avocado

A family in Hawaii is making headlines for its record-breaking 5.6-pound avocado, which was recently named the world’s heaviest avocado by Guinness World Records. 

Mark and Juliane Pokini, and their son Loihi, applied for the title after its avocado tree started producing unexpectedly large fruit. They wanted to show people that “Hawaii produces amazing avocados,” according to the organization’s website. 

They’re not wrong—for reference, the average avocado weighs a comparatively measly 6 ounces.

The Pokinis’ tree is more than 10 years old is a towering 20 feet tall. Mark planted a seed from his brother-in-law’s tree in Oahu island when his son was born, he told ABC7 News in Hawaii. 

The family applied with a different avocado in December, but it didn’t meet the strict standards of the Guinness verification process, which requires input from a certified horticulturist, two forms completed by witnesses, a state-certified scale, photographs, video, and other documentation.

Their second attempt at the title, which took 10 months from flowering to harvest, was successful. 

So how did they produce this behemoth? 

They “kind of just leave it alone," Juliane Pokini told ABC7. 

If you’re worried that the prized avocado went to waste, you can rest easy: The Pokini family used it to make enough guacamole for 20 people. 

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