Trader Joe's Bloody Mary Salsa Is Here Just in Time for Summer

If you’ve been frantically searching for a new dip to eat all summer long, the wait is over. This week, Trader Joe’s finally released their long-awaited Bloody Mary Salsa. 

Back in April, Mark Sloan, VP of Marketing Product, and Tara Miller, Marketing Director, gave us a peek at the grocery chain’s upcoming seasonal products, including this salsa, on the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast. We’ve already tried a few of the new products they mentioned, like Protein Pancake Mix and Mochi Cake Mix, and now the Bloody Mary Salsa has been let loose.

“Like the classic brunch beverage that inspired it, Trader Joe’s Bloody Mary Salsa starts with a base of tangy tomatoes in their own juices,” the product description reads. “This tomato base is buoyed by sour pickling brine and nose-tingling horseradish, along with red jalapeño peppers and green chile peppers for heat.

“Worcestershire sauce, capers, and onions add savory balance, while lemon juice and vinegar kick up the acid ante, and the whole thing is rounded out with garlic, sugar, and salt. This cocktail of ingredients creates that signature Bloody Mary profile (sans vodka): tangy and refreshingly tonguetingling, with enough heat to keep you sipping—or in this case, dipping for more.”

?: Spicy Salmon Burgers topped with Bloody Mary Salsa (#tjsrecipe link in bio) ~ Though it contains no alcohol, #traderjoes #BloodyMary Salsa still hits all the flavor notes of that famous brunch #cocktail: tangy tomatoes in their own juices, pickled #horseradish, bright lemon, and that classic #Worcestershiresauce—but when it comes to heat, we’ve exchanged the traditional dashes of hot sauce for red #jalapenos & green #chilepeppers (this is #salsa after all!) for a bloody good kick. — | **Limited** | Spicy | 0g fat & 1g sugar/2 Tbsp. |

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So, does the salsa deliver? We found it to be tangy, heavily accented, slightly spicy, and all-around delicious. It’s pretty much identical to its namesake except for the fact that it’s designed to be eaten, not sipped from a glass. You could puree it and add vodka and tomato juice, but that takes a lot of energy so let’s just stick to eating it. 

The salsa pairs well with Trader Joe’s Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips, but you could also serve it with celery and carrots for Bloody Mary-inspired crudite platter. Also, this is a seasonal item, so you might want to stock up on the $2.99 jars before Trader Joe’s runs out. 



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