Ugly Christmas Sweater Pop-Tarts Add Some Style to Your Breakfast


Though you can (perhaps unintentionally) wear hideous-looking sweaters about nine months  out of the year, the holiday season is a special when people actually go out of their way to wear ugly sweaters on purpose. Plenty a Christmas party or December bar crawl has made them a mandatory garment for anyone hoping to spread some cheer. 

Well, now can you not only feel the wooly itch of an ugly Christmas sweater, you can taste them too—sort of. That’s thanks to a new edition of Pop-Tarts that add a new, festive element to the traditional toaster pastry. Available in a seasonally-appropriate sugar cookie flavor, this fusion of breakfast treat and graphic design variously depicts the bodies and heads of deer, antelope, sloths, and llamas donning their ugliest apparel. Given that Pop-Tarts famously come in packs of two, it’s easy to mix and match these animal friends to turn your breakfast table into a modern-day manger of sorts. 

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If you somehow find the concept of a somewhat anthropomorphized beast wearing a sweater to be repugnant, don’t fret. There will also be other sugar cookie Pop-Tarts featuring a much more subdued snowflake pattern, sure to suit all of your non-denominational breakfast and snacking needs. 

Fittingly for something as ephemeral as the snowflake, both sets of seasonally-themed Pop-Tarts will only be available for a limited time, so stock up on this stocking stuffer. As the temperatures start to dip further, these should begin to appear on store shelves at places like Walmart, Target, and other places where toaster pastries of dubious nutritional quality are sold. 

So go ahead and eat a few before that ugly Christmas sweater party. You can pass off the crumbs on your outfit as this holiday season’s must-have accessory if anyone asks. 






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