Walmart Is Selling Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream

Mark my words: Centuries from now, historians will devote their entire careers to studying the Unicorn Craze of 2019™. College courses will be taught on the subject. VH1’s future “I Love the 2010s” will dedicate at least one episode to the magical trend.

Walmart is the latest to jump on the one-horned bandwagon: The superstore chain is now selling Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream, Delish reports.

According to the packaging, the cake-flavored ice cream will feature “a magical purple frosting swirl and candy confetti pieces.” The tub also states that the ice cream “does not contain real unicorns,” so mythical creature advocates can rest easy tonight.

Each 48-ounce container will only set you back $2.97, so stock up ASAP.

Want to take your unicorn obsession to the next level? We think this ice cream will pair perfectly with our adorable Unicorn Cake made with rainbow candy strips. Trust us—it looks a lot harder than it actually is.

If you’re feeling really crazy, take another 15 minutes to make this safe-to-eat Unicorn Slime. And while you’re at it, you might as well whip up a batch of our Unicorn Poop Bark.

You know what? Just go ahead and make Unicorn Snack Bars and call it a day.

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