Worst place to store milk in the fridge – keep it fresh

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Fridge door shelving is helpful for storing everything from jars of sauces to juices and milk, but it’s not always the best place for certain ingredients such as dairy products. In fact, according to one TikTok user, it’s the worst place in the fridge to keep milk if you’re trying to keep it from going off. In a recent video on their profile, a self-proclaimed cost-of-living expert revealed why it should be avoided, and the best alternative.

The TikTok user who uses the name Cost Of Living Crisis Tips (@costoflivingcrisistips) pointed out the fact that many people who make the mistake of storing dairy milk in the fridge door could be wasting money.

They explained that by making one simple change to the position of fresh milk, they can reduce their shopping cost by not buying it as frequently.

While showing a milk carton placed on a shelf against the fridge door, @costoflivingcrisistips wrote: “Don’t put your milk on the fridge door like this.”

The frugal expert added: “When you open the fridge door, it pulls away from the cool air – affecting the freshness.”

Here’s where to store it instead.

Instead, the TikTok user recommended placing it at the back of the appliance to “make it last longer”.

The account’s followers received the hack well, with one writing: “It does actually work. I put ours behind the sprouts and the kids can’t find it so it lasts longer.”

Another commented with a bonus tip: “The milk will last up to four days longer if you put the seal back in the cap when you take it off.”

However, not all viewers were sold on the money-saving tip, with several noting that milk “doesn’t last long enough” in their house for it to be worthwhile.

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Others explained that they simply don’t have the space to store milk bottles on the fridge shelf rather than the door.

One person disagreed with the claim that opening the door can affect freshness, writing: “But the door is open for like two seconds, maybe 10 depending on what you go in for but usually it’s shut straight away.”

The original poster of the video replied: “Yes and how many times do you open it a day? It adds up.”

According to an expert at Appliance City, the temperature of your fridge can vary inside the appliance as well as when the door is open and can be used to your advantage. 

They said: “Not all foods were created equal. Some need different temperatures in which to thrive. For example, foods that are prone to spoiling like eggs, butter and milk shouldn’t go in the door compartments.

“These are exposed to room temperature the most whenever the fridge door is opened, so will experience fluctuations in temperature. If your fridge door has a sealed compartment in it, you might be okay, but it’s still better to store it elsewhere.”

The appliance expert recommended keeping dairy products “high in the fridge” and reserving the shelf door for condiments like ketchup. mayonnaise and other drinks you want to keep cool.

If you are unsure how cold your fridge is, there is an easy way to test the temperature.

According to the Appliance City expert, your fridge won’t account for the heat generated by the unit itself and other factors that might cause the temperature inside it to be a couple of degrees above the ideal fridge temperature.

For an accurate reading, place a full glass of water on a  fridge shelf rather than the crisper drawer or door.

Position a thermometer in the glass and leave it overnight. Check the temperature when you first go to open the fridge door the following morning.

The average temperature of fridges in the UK is 7C, however, the ideal temperature is between 0-5C and should be adjusted accordingly depending on your reading.

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