You Can Get a Free Pint of Ice Cream Through Postmates Right Now

Ice cream sundae

The world is a rough place right now, and nothing gets people through rough times (both personal and societal) like a pint of ice cream. In fact, the only thing better than a pint of ice cream at a time like this is a pint of free ice cream.

If you happen to be a fan of free ice cream (which merely requires having a pulse), then you might want to know about a new online ice cream parlor simply dubbed The Ice Cream Shop. This virtual scoop station works with third party apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates to send and source pints of ice cream in more than 120 markets across the country.

Starting May 7, they’re giving people the chance to see a pint and send a pint through Postmates to a friend or loved one in need of a few scoops. All you have to do is punch in their address, select an option from among the available ice cream brands like Ben & Jerrys, Breyers, and Talenti, and punch in the promo code “SENDAPINT” when checking out. Just pay the delivery fee and leave a nice tip (since Postmates workers definitely deserve it right about now) and the pint will be on its way.

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While sending a pint is an easy way to sweeten someone’s day, there’s obviously no requirement that you send the pint to someone else. Maybe that friend just happens to be your roommate and the fridge broke so you have to finish the pint of ice cream really fast before they even realize it showed up. Who’s to say?

Regardless of where your free pint is headed, this Ice Cream Shop deal is valid through May 27, or while supplies last. Hopefully that doesn’t imply some sort of ice cream shortage is in our future, because that would really be the last straw before I lose my mind.


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