You Need This Two Pound Giant Square of Rice Krispies Treats in Your Life

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December is perhaps the biggest month on the calendar for bakers. The holiday season presents ample opportunities to prepare sweets and goodies of all sorts, and Rice Krispies Treats can serve as an excellent canvas for all sorts of Christmas dessert creations.

Whether you’re the kind of person who uses Rice Krispies Treats as a jumping-off point for your own baking ideas or you just enjoy them on their own, you should probably know that you can now buy a massive square of them. That’s according to information from Instagram account @FoodScription, who spotted a massive 32 ounce “Original Treat Sheet” of Rice Krispies at a San Antonio Walmart.

32 ounces of Rice Krispies Treats! Who out there could kill this by themselves?!

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From the looks of the packaging, this thing is indeed geared towards star bakers who want to make sure they’ve got enough material to work with for even the most crowded Christmas cookie exchanges. The Kellogg’s product is described as “ready to decorate & serve,” which is what makes it “a tasty blank canvas to decorate your way.” That point is furthered by the depiction of Rice Krispie fiends Snap, Crackle, and Pop baking holiday treats with their winter coats on for some reason.

Of course, price and participation tends to vary, but an online listing, it looks like this gooey, marshmallowy treat template retails for just under $9. That’s a small price to pay for streamlining the baking process and building a holiday snack or dessert using a fun and tasty foundation.

But if you’ve had a long day and just want to cram 32 ounces of Rice Krispies Treats into your mouth, then go ahead and do it. After all, the permission to eat a bunch of something tasty is the greatest holiday gift you can give yourself. You wouldn't be the first one.  

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