Aldi Is Selling Hot Chili And Sriracha Honey To Give Your Meal A Sweet And Spicy Tang

What would you use spicy honey on, you might ask? Drizzle it on pizza, chicken, cheese, or add it to a homemade sauce. People in the comments suggest putting it on chicken and waffles and sweet potato fries. “Tonight, I made red bag chicken on low carb quesadilla with Swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, and the hot honey,” one person commented. Many confirm that they swear by putting it on pizza. That definitely feels like a safe first choice, IMO. Those who don’t typically incorporate honey into their eating routine but love spicy food (hi, me!) will likely be all over these condiments.
Once again, we have Aldi to thank for brief moments of excitement! If you’re in need of more cult-favorite items at Aldi, we’ve got you covered with more than 40 of the best finds including cocktail-inspired salad dressings and s’mores jumbo cookie kit.

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