Amazon Shoppers Say This $10 Tool Is the Secret to Keeping Produce Fresh for Weeks

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Standing Crisper Drawer Insert Tout

Summer is here and ripe with ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables. But the moment you bring that gorgeous produce home, it can seem like a race against the clock to eat as much as possible before it spoils. We all know that terrible feeling of tossing moldy berries or slimy spinach into the garbage.

While we’re already fans of clever containers that keep produce fresh and juicy for weeks, Amazon shoppers have discovered another tool that uses the same impressive technology without taking up any extra space in the fridge: Oxo’s Greensaver Crisper Inserts.

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Designed to mount to the wall of your refrigerator crisper drawer with easy-to-apply suction cups, this compact preserver uses non-toxic activated carbon to draw out ethylene gas from fruits and vegetables. The insert has an open-vent body for maximum airflow and gas absorption, keeping foods fresh even in crowded crispers. Filters last up to 90 days, and the tool features a sliding date indicator to keep track of when it’s time for a replacement. 

Amazon shoppers rave about their Greensaver Crisper Inserts, saying they see a “significant difference” in how long produce lasts. 

“These WORK—especially for greens,” one wrote. “I’ve got some bell peppers that are going on five or six weeks old and they’re not wrinkly or moldy!”

Another added, “I’m five days in and I’ve seen no fuzzies, no mushy berries and nothing shriveled. I bit into a strawberry and it was PERFECT after five days. I can't say I’ve EVER experienced not throwing away about half of my container.”

And while the Greensaver Crisper Inserts can save you from wasting hundreds of dollars on uneaten food, they cost just $10 for a pair. Head to Amazon now so that your crisper drawer will finally live up to its name.


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