Amazon Shoppers Say This $12 Wine Preserver Has Saved Them Hundreds of Dollars

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Without traditional gatherings and dinner parties, it's not always possible to finish every bottle of wine you open. Trust me, I've lost track of how many half-drunk bottles I've had to dispose of after countless nights by myself over the past 10 months. But the next time you re-cork a bottle, only to inevitably pour it down the drain a few days later, remember that there are a few simple ways to keep leftover wine fresh. One such sommelier-approved solution involves using a wine preserver.

If you're not ready to invest in an expensive device like the $200 Coravin system (which allows you to pour wine without removing the cork in the first place), you can order Vacu Vin's wine vacuum pump for just $12 on Amazon. The tool uses a simple pumping mechanism to remove air from opened wine bottles and seal them shut in order to keep the beverage tasting like new for up to a week. It works by reducing the amount of oxygen in the bottle, which slows down the oxidation process (that's what can cause a vinegar-like flavor in leftover vino).

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All you have to do is insert one of the two included stoppers in an open bottle and attach the pump over top. Continuously lift and lower the handle to extract air until you hear a click, which indicates that you've created an efficient vacuum seal. Remove the handle and return to your bottle next time you're in the mood for a glass. It's ideal for evenings when you just want a single glass of wine with dinner and don't want to let your leftovers go bad.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers use the affordable pump to make the most out of every bottle. It's racked up over 7,600 five-star ratings and nearly 4,000 five-star reviews for an overall 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Most agree that the tool is easy to use and really works.

"If you are single and like wine, you are going to love this product," one customer enthusiastically wrote in all caps.

Another claimed "[the pump] materially changed the way my wife and I drink wine," adding that they no longer have to worry about finishing entire bottles.

"This product has saved me hundreds of dollars in spoiled wine," someone else wrote. "The pumping sound has become synonymous with bedtime in our house."

Whether you want to enjoy a glass or two on your own or don't want the pressure of finishing an entire bottle while sipping with others, the Vacu Vin wine preserver is a simple solution that comes at a reasonable price. I know I'm adding one to my virtual cart ASAP.

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