Baileys Debuted an Apple Pie Liqueur That’s Perfect for Fall


Perhaps because there isn’t anything else to do, pumpkin spice/pumpkin pie season 2020 seemed to start weeks before Labor Day. The de facto flavor of the fall can now be found everywhere from lattes to Kit Kats to even, somehow, hard seltzer. Love it or hate it, the pervasive pumpkin spice atmosphere that exists from August through Thanksgiving is pretty hard to ignore.

Our collective pumpkin spice mania often gives short shrift to other worthy autumnal tastes, specifically apples and apple pie. Now, however, it looks like one limited-edition flavor from Baileys could potentially turn the tide and give apple pie-flavored alcohol a chance to shine.

New, limited edition Apple Pie flavored Baileys is launching this month! The new variety combines the flavors of apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and cinnamon.Additionally, Baileys is selling a Apple Pie Friendsgiving Kit on The kit contains Apple Pie Baileys, a six pack of Apple Pie Baileys cookies by Zac Young, an apron, Cocktail Courier cafe de olla syrup, chai tea bags, and nutmeg. The kit is $85. Image and news via Diageo/Baileys.

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This special bottle made by the folks known for their creamy coffee liqueur features all of the signature tastes you’d expect from the perfect slice of apple pie a la mode. In addition to the fall’s best fruit, this features the rich sweetness of vanilla ice cream alongside hints of cinnamon and spice. Oh, and there’s alcohol in it too, so it’s even better than an apple pie if you think about it. 

Since we all could use an excuse to celebrate, well, anything this year, Baileys is framing this Apple Pie liqueur as the perfect companion to any 2020 Friendsgivings, which will hopefully continue to be a thing in one form or another this year. In partnership with Cocktail Courier, they’re selling Baileys Apple Pie Friendsgiving Kit, which includes everything you need to make a “Apple of My Chai” cocktail, plus six Baileys Apple PieCookies made by celebrity pastry chef Zac Young, which a press release bills as “a unique take on a mini apple crumb pie featuring warmly spiced cookies infused with a Baileys Apple Pie filling and topped with oat crumble.”

So if you’re sick of the pumpkin spice hegemony and want to find a different way to consume alcohol that’ll make you feel appropriately autumnal, then you can probably do much worse than this attempt at a drinkable, boozy Apple Pie from Baileys. It’s sure to be the hit of what could very well be your Zoom-based friendsgiving this year. 

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