Bed Bath & Beyond Is Having A Huge Fall Sale And The Popular Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Pots Are Included

October is in full swing which means if you don’t have your fall decorations, you still have some time to makeover your space. To help you do just that, Bed Bath & Beyond is having a killer sale on select items…including their wildly popular Staub cast iron pumpkin cocottes.
Cocottes are the same pot as a Dutch oven and can serve multiple functions in your kitchen. You can braise, bake, stew, fry, sauté, and even boil in a Dutch oven, and this Staub creation is perfectly festive in its pumpkin shape. They come in both three-and-a-half- and five-quart sizes depending on your cooking needs and can be purchased in orange, matte black, or white. All of the colors come with a metallic gold pumpkin stem on top.

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte – White

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte – Orange

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte – Black
The five-quart sizes are currently out of stock online but you can always check your closest store to see if they have it. Right now, the three-and-a-half-quart pumpkin cocottes are on sale for over 30 percent off, with the black and white version going for $180 rather than the typical $290 and the orange being going for $200 compared to the usual $300. That means no matter which color you want, you can save at least $100 on your purchase.
Staub is a beloved brand when it comes to kitchen equipment. These cocottes are specially designed out of cast iron to be durable and distribute heat evenly, with a matte black interior ideal for browning foods and a scratch-resistant enamel exterior that ensures it will look perfect sitting on your counter.
Although you might think pumpkins can only be used as decor in the fall, any of these would be perfect through the wintertime as well. Don’t wait on the idea of buying a fancy Dutch oven for your kitchen any longer—the time is now.

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