Buffalo Wild Wings Is Offering An At-Home Blazin’ Challenge Kit For Real Daredevils

Like many other chain restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings has a food eating challenge for guests who are brave enough to try it out. When accepting the dare while dining in, it includes eating 12 of the chain’s spiciest wings in six minutes. The wings are covered in BWW’s Blazin’ Sauce, which is their hottest sauce available, and guests have to sign a waiver before even attempting the challenge.
For those who want to try out the challenge for themselves but perhaps don’t want to face the embarrassment of failing in front of a whole Buffalo Wild Wings establishment, some locations are now selling a Blazin’ Challenge kit, according to Chew Boom.
The kit comes with 10 bone-in Blazin’ sauce chicken wings and a Blazin’ Challenge headband as well as a scoop of vanilla ice cream, presumably to help those brave eaters wash down all of the heat. Chew Boom reported that the kit goes for about $12.99 at a local Buffalo Wild Wings, though there is always the chance that price varies depending on location. Spice up your life, baby!

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