Burger King Will Let You Order Right From Your Google Maps Or Search Results

Is it just me or are there far too many apps? I have probably 100 on my phone and I simply cannot be bothered to know what half of them do. Sorry! Blessedly, Burger King is on my side with this one because they’re rolling out the ability to order delicious Whoppers and onion rings via Google Maps.
Starting on Monday, Burger King customers can order food right from Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Pay from more than 5,000 Burger King locations across America. All you have to do is search for “Burger King” on Google Search, Google Maps, or in the Google Pay app, and then look for the ordering option if a location near you is eligible. It’s that easy! Really, the hardest part is deciding what you’ll be eating that day. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can see what ordering will look like below.

Not only is this super convenient, it’s just another way to order virtually to lower your points of contact when going into the restaurant. You can do all the mulling over the menu that you want from the safety of your own home or car, and then after it’s already prepared, you’ll be able to snap it up quickly and safely.
In addition, you can also activate an offer in the Google Pay app that will help you to earn 20 percent cash back on your next Burger King order that totals $10 or more. Easy ordering AND a discount? I really can’t think of anything better!

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