Chipotle Is Opening Its First Digital-Only Restaurant That Will Solely Fulfill Online Orders

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to impact the way individuals enjoy their food, whether its dining in person at partial restaurant capacity or ordering low-contact takeout as much as possible. Chipotle is one of the chains that has seen an immense shift toward online orders, and to keep serving customers in these difficult times, the company is opening its first digital-only restaurant.
The restaurant will not have a dining room on-site like other Chipotle restaurants. This is because its not meant for customers to eat on premises; rather, the restaurant will be there to fulfill orders placed through the Chipotle app, website, or a third-party delivery service. Once the order is placed you can quickly pick up your food from the digital-only restaurant or get it delivered to your door.
Chipotle’s first restaurant of this kind is opening this Saturday, November 14, in Highland, NY, outside the gates of West Point. The concept will eventually spread to more urban areas where real estate is more expensive and it’s more challenging to open a full-sized restaurant.
Although the new restaurant will only be fulfilling online orders, larger quantities of food for events that require catering will also be available. According to a report by CNBC, this new venture is a logical step for Chipotle, especially after the brand has seen their digital sales almost triple this year as the pandemic has caused people to depend on online ordering and safe food delivery with little person-to-person contact.

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