Chrissy Teigen Said She Needs More Than One Oven After A Baked Beans Mishap Ruined Her Dessert

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are currently in the middle of moving to a new home and are staying in a rental. Perhaps you’ve noticed if you are one of their millions and millions of social media followers? Whether you’re moving into a home of your own and are looking for inspo or are just, well, nosy (guilty!), the pair recently shared some thoughts about their previous house and what they look for in a home.
For Chrissy, one of the most important parts of the home is obviously the kitchen! It’s where she’s created recipes for her two (working on three) cookbooks, and she and her cookbook collaborator Adeena Sussman even snuck back to cook Thanksgiving in Chrissy’s old home recently. But Chrissy recently shared with Architectural Digest that the fact that the kitchen had more than one oven was super important to her for a very unique reason.
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“I wanted, obviously, multiple ovens. I am very weird about cooking dessert in the same oven that I cook other things in because of a disaster I had a long time ago making a cake in the same oven that I had made baked beans in. The cake kind of took on the flavor of the baked beans. So after that traumatizing situation, I decided I’d never cook dessert in the same oven,” she shared. Wow, beans are really having a moment recently!
Chrissy and John didn’t reveal too much about their new home, but we did get a sense of the vibes from John, who said: “We like to feel comfortable and not too sleek and not too clean. We like things to feel like they are connected to the earth and not super duper modern. Some of those sensibilities we will bring to the new place.” Chrissy said that, of course, she’ll love the kitchen and that it will have a very good view.
“The kitchen will be my favorite part of the house, because it leads into that area with the tree—I don’t know if I can talk about the new house, really! But the open area of the new house has a gorgeous tree and this beautiful seating area,” she shared.

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