"Cloud Bread" Is TikTok's Newest Culinary Trend


For reasons that have little to do with its actual content, TikTok’s been in the news quite a bit recently. Whether it’s over legitimate concerns about the Bytedance-owned app’s security or a strong dislike of Sarah Cooper’s videos, President Trump has also threatened to ban the app. That’s led Microsoft to swoop in to try and acquire it, leading Trump in turn to essentially ask for a finder’s fee. Oh, and on top of that, Reels, Instagram’s transparent attempt at a TikTok clone, just went live.

Despite everything else that’s going on, though, TikTok remains an absolutely essential resource for anyone seeking kitchen hacks or trendy recipes to take their mind off of everything mentioned in the last paragraph and the world at large. The latest sensation to sweep the app is this impressive-looking yet deceptively simple take on cloud bread. It’s like all the bread you’ve tried to make over the past few months, except easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

To make your own cloud bread, you’re going to need to aggressively (or electrically) whip three egg whites until they’re frothy. Once that’s taken care of, add in 30 grams of sugar and 10 grams of cornstarch, and your choice of additional flavor extract or food coloring, then whip that mixture together until it becomes so stiff that it’s not going anywhere. If you want, add some almond slices to make your cloud bread look like a hamburger bun like @Linqanaa did. From there, put it in the oven and bake at 300 for 25 minutes.

The end result seems to be light, fluffy, and sweet in ways that other breads can only envy. As @MatthewintheKitchen put it, it’s a bit reminiscent of a meringue. Sounds good to me!

So assuming you’ve got an electric mixer and TikTok is still a viable social media platform by the time you read this, it sounds like cloud bread is a simple yet exotic baking trend worth trying. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to make bread from TikTok, well, it’s now or never.


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