Coffee Mate's New Creamer Will Make Your Coffee Taste Like Its Best Self

Coffee Mate's New Creamer Will Make Your Coffee Taste Like Its Best Self

Usually Coffee Mate's creamers have flavors like pumpkin spice and birthday cake, but starting in January 2021, they're launching a new line of creamers that are actually just coffee flavored. The Unlocked line will launch two flavors to start: Classic Colombian and Italian Espresso, each inspired by their namesake blends. They're intended to cut bitterness and accentuate flavors that are traditionally present in a well-brewed cup.

The Classic Colombian creamer highlights the bright, fruity notes that are common in Colombian coffees beans, while adding the richness we love from Coffee Mate creamers. Italian Espresso beans are known for notes of cocoa, aromatics, and dark richness, so those are the flavors you'll notice in that creamer. 

Daily coffee drinkers are probably all too familiar with the experience of a poorly brewed cup of coffee, which all too often comes from your own kitchens. This creamer, which will bring the richness and sweetness you look for in a well-brewer cup, flavors the cuppa without overwhelming or obliterating the taste of the coffee.

Both flavors will be available in January 2021 for purchase at retailers nationwide, coming in at $3.79 each. That's a whole lot cheaper than a professional espresso maker, or even a cup of coffee at your local shop.

This article originally appeared on Allrecipes. 

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