Dunkaroos And Go-Gurt Have Teamed Up To Make The Ultimate Snack For ’90s Kids

I love a food-related collaboration as much as the next gal and this latest one might be the most iconic (and nostalgia-inducing) one yet. Go-Gurt and Dunkaroos have teamed up to make the ultimate snack if you’ve been looking for another way to enjoy the two items in a thoughtfully combined bite.
At first mention these two snacks may not seem like a likely combo, but Yoplait has actually been making Go-Gurt Dunkers snacks since 2019. The original Dunkers featured long cookies used for dunking into different flavors of yogurt, and now the new iteration features the same vanilla sprinkle cookies you get in each pack of Dunkaroos. Instead of the confetti frosting, the new Go-Gurt snack packs feature low-fat yogurt in flavors like vanilla birthday cake, strawberry, and cotton candy.
Not many people have spotted the treat in stores just yet, but a listing for all three yogurt flavors is on the official Yoplait website, suggesting these products are either in the works or already slowly rolling out in stores. It’s important to consider that these packages will likely be in the refrigerated aisle of your grocery store to ensure the yogurt doesn’t spoil, so be sure to look there rather than where you find the classic Dunkaroos with the packaged food.
After a whirlwind 2020, Dunkaroos made a huge comeback in the form of the original cookies, cookie dough, and an entire merch line. With this news jumpstarting 2021, it seems we have a lot more Dunkaroos news to look forward to. Don’t mind me while I go raid the yogurt aisle.

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