Eggnog And Peppermint Ice Cream Is Already Out On Shelves At Walmart

Each season has its iconic flavors, and while we’re in the midst of the pumpkin spice and apple craze for the fall it’s never too early to get ready for December. Back in July, Coffee-Mate released a cookies and cocoa flavor for the holiday season, and now it’s September—even better! These ice creams are the perfect way to prep for the best season ever, and they’ll help you stay cool for these last few hot days before it’s officially fall.
Both ice creams are by Walmart’s Great Value brand and come in tubs with subtle holiday-themed packaging. The eggnog flavor is a simple recreation of the popular winter beverage and will definitely have notes of nutmeg and other spices. The peppermint flavor is a mint ice cream with peppermint candies that add a touch of red and green to every spoonful.
You can find these ice creams in your Walmart frozen section for right around $2 each. They’ll be available through December, so you can always wait a little while longer if you’re not quite in the winter mood just yet, but I say you should pick them up ASAP. Carpe diem, am I right?

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