Frito-Lay Has A Holiday Merch Shop That Will Make Dressing For The Holidays So Easy

‘Tis the season for festive snacks and corresponding merch for you to wear throughout the holidays. Thankfully, Frito-Lay is ready to provide you with both and has an online store that includes sweaters, hats, and scarves inspired by your favorite snack brands.
The makers of Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s, Tostitos, and Smartfood are ready to spread holiday cheer by making it possible for you to wear your love for snacking on your sleeve…or head…or feet. Each brand has a collection of onesies, socks, sweaters, scarves, and winter hats that would make for a great accessory to wear during holiday dinners or as a gift for someone else to keep them warm all season long.
Every item is inspired by the snack and its packaging, with the Cheetos onesie decked out in cheetah spots, the Doritos designs including triangles just like the shape of the chips, and the Smartfood items have little popcorn pieces on each item. When you order any of the merch, it’ll also come with a bag of the corresponding snack, so you can enjoy it while you show off your new outfit.
In addition to this Frito-Lay shop, the company has also released holiday-themed packaging on their chips and popcorn that can be found in stores right now. Proceeds from those sales will benefit Toys for Tots up to $500,000, so you can be sure that your snacking habit will give back during this holiday season as well. You can check out all of the themed clothing and accessories here.

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