Gordon Ramsay Is Back Dancing With Daughter Tilly On TikTok

Great news: It’s Friday! Better news: Celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay is back to making TikTok dances with his daughter Tilly for all of us to enjoy…and maybe laugh at a little.
Tilly posted the video from her TikTok account of the pair dancing to the song Best Ever by Polo Frost, which has its very own dance challenge on the app. In the video, Gordon and Tilly take turns dancing across the screen and also dancing together, and well, you can just watch it for yourself! Though Tilly clearly is a better dancer, Gordon kind of steals the show by doing a bunny hop across the screen.
Hump day dances @gordonramsayofficial #fyp
People flooded into the comments, remarking upon everything from Gordon’s dance moves (“The way he’s hopping!!) to the decor in their home (“That duck painting go hard”). A lot of the comments seem to touch on the fact that Gordon, who is usually more than a little bit intimidating, seems to become a bit of a softie around his family. Aw.
Of course, Gordon is no stranger himself to TikTok. He’s posted viral dancing videos with Tilly before and oh yeah, his account frequently gets millions of views per video. No biggie! But he isn’t usually dancing over there. No, he’s doing what he does best besides cooking: insulting other peoples’ cooking for our enjoyment, of course!! In the last week or so, he’s insulted everyone from someone who made a Fruity Pebbles-coated filet to someone who tried to cook chicken by slapping it a bunch. Dancing and insults, get you a man who can do both.

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