Gordon Ramsay Reacted To His Daughter Holly’s Cooking In A TikTok Video And It’s Brutal

ICYMI, Gordon Ramsay has brought his true talent (yelling at people that their cooking is bad) to TikTok. It seems that no one is safe from his wrath, not even his own family, as he recently commented on a video by his daughter Holly and had some unkind words re: her cooking.
Holly’s video began with her following one of her dad’s recipes for potato gnocchi and she already lost points from him because she didn’t peel her potatoes (although they do look peeled to me, idk!!). Holly’s famous dad also took her to task for not cooking her potatoes long enough, which, as someone who has made a lot of gnocchi in her time, really does make a difference!
In the end, Gordon seems displeased with the meal overall, which frankly I think looked delicious, hard potatoes notwithstanding, but I am neither her dad nor am I a world-famous chef so my opinion means nothing! He ends it by saying “Young lady, you should know better. Shame on you, Holly!”
Tough words from her dad and the rest of TikTok definitely took notice that uh, yeah, like none of us are safe now! “When your dad roasts you on TikTok,” one person wrote. “No one is safe from him. If Gordon comes for you it’s over,” another said.
And it seems like Gordon is really taking this new TikTok series seriously, judging by the fact that he already posted ANOTHER video after that one, roasting someone for making mac & cheese pizza. So there you have it…if you’re going to cook on TikTok, make sure you’re ready to get absolutely destroyed by Gordon.

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