Here's How Weight Watchers Helped Kate Hudson Lose 25 Pounds

Kate Hudson became a Weight Watchers ambassador back in December, as part of the company’s rebranding efforts for 2019, and she has been using the program to lose 25 pounds after giving birth to her third child. The award-winning actress and founder of Fabletics has been candid about her weight loss efforts by posting workouts, WW-approved recipes, and how she manages to practice self-care as an actress, fashion entrepreneur, and a mother via Instagram. However, she says joining WW is about so much more than simply losing her baby weight.

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“I’ve got a baby who’s a couple months old, a full-on teenager, and a seven-year-old. I think everything I do—from what I put in my body to the goals I set for myself—will reflect on them,” Hudson told WW.

To Hudson, this means setting an example through eating more plant-based foods and exercising several times a week—she’s a big fan of dance and pilates—but also through finding balance and making time for gratitude. The actress told TODAY that WW fosters a community of support in everyone’s diverse wellness journeys, making this process less of a diet and more of a lifestyle.

And it turns out, the Weight Watchers approach of focusing on what you can eat instead of what you can’t could help you not only lose the weight easier, but also keep it off longer. A study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Appetite, found those who had a more positive outlook while dieting (instead of focusing on restriction), were more likely to develop better long-term nutrition habits.

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WW is helping users like Hudson build better habits by partnering with Aaptiv and Headspace to encourage making exercise and meditation a seamless part of one’s daily routines, as well as empowering users to make healthier food decisions through their science-backed points system.

While some of her favorite treats are french fries, ice cream, and a good cocktail, Hudson has been finding WW-approved ways to treat herself that are just as satisfying. She recently shared a recipe for two-ingredient strawberry and banana ice cream on the Pretty Happy Instagram account, Hudson’s wellness brand launching this year. She also whipped up a batch of cookies for Superbowl Sunday—made with almond flour, oats, and monk fruit—for a treat that only tastes indulgent.

“This is about understanding your wellness,” Hudson told TODAY. “It’s about understanding your fitness activity, understanding your food, understanding the things that you love. It’s about how to balance.”

The bottom line: WW may not be for everyone, and each user’s experience will be different. However, the company’s focus on wellness beyond just the number on the scale can promote longer-lasting healthy habits than other, more restrictive diet plans out there.

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