Hurry! This Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Island Is on Sale for $95, and It’s Selling Fast on Amazon

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Avid home chefs know that a small kitchen can lead to cooking disasters, because simply put: there's just not enough space. Instead of going through with a whole remodel, you can buy a functional kitchen island cart that gives you more storage and that much-needed extra cooking surface. To do just that, thousands of Amazon shoppers turned to the Hodedah Kitchen Island Cart, which is perfect for small spaces—and while many kitchen carts are expensive, this one's on sale starting at $95.

The farmhouse-style kitchen island has a beautiful wood design and delivers on functionality with an "unbelievable" amount of storage space for cookware like pots and pans, baking sheets. Shoppers were pleasantly surprised by how sturdy the kitchen cart is, and say that it even holds up under small appliances like blenders or coffee makers (because no one should have to put their cappuccino machine away).

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To buy: Hodedah Kitchen Island Cart, $95 (orig. $149.99);

"Sturdy [and] great looking. It will do everything I need it to," writes one Amazon shopper. "I bought it with my Ninja Foodi in mind; I needed a place for it so I could use it more. It doesn't fit on my counters; they are already loaded. This piece does it for me, and will hold extra stuff. So happy I finally bought it."

Its surface area comes in handy as a prep space while cooking meals, however, the cart's impressive storage is the star of the show. Its top drawer is ideal for small items like oven mitts or a utensil tray. If your kitchen also lacks cabinet space, don't fret. This small-but-spacious kitchen island cart has two shelves hidden behind its cabinet doors, which is a godsend when you need to store larger kitchen tools and gadgets.

On top of the cart's ample storage, it also has clever (and space-saving) features like a towel hanger and a small spice rack that can hold even more kitchen essentials. It's especially useful if you intend to use the cart as a cooking station, making it a "must get." It's no wonder it's a best seller on Amazon's list of kitchen islands and carts.

"This is a beautiful piece of furniture, and it's perfect for an apartment," another shopper writes. "It adds extra cabinet and countertop space and decor to any kitchen or dining area. In addition, I like how easy it is to assemble… All it takes is a screwdriver, small hammer, and an Allen wrench."

If you're tired of running out of space while meal prepping or for storing cooking essentials, the Hodedah Kitchen Island Cart might just be what your kitchen needs—at least, that's what more than 6,100 Amazon shoppers who gave it a five-star rating seem to think. It comes in six styles, but options are going fast while it's on sale.

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