KitchenAid's New Color of the Year Is Called 'Kyoto Glow,' and It Might Be Their Coolest Shade Yet


Every year, KitchenAid announces their "Color of the Year," and home cooks (like me) scramble to find out what gorgeous hue the company selected. Coming on the heels of 2019's popular Misty Blue, KitchenAid announced their 2020 Color of the Year: Kyoto Glow.

The media release from KitchenAid says: "Kyoto Glow's name was inspired by the city of Kyoto, Japan which has long encapsulated the idea of balance and tranquility. In the spring, a time for rebirth and new beginnings, cherry blossoms flower in juxtaposition with the dramatic mountains, bringing a unique sense of balance to the region."

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Sounds dreamy, right? Just take a look at this vivid yet calming color.


If the striking neon green hue wasn't enough to sell you, the message behind it sure will. "Kyoto Glow not only turns the kitchen into a rejuvenating sanctuary to recharge and replenish by energizing makers but also embodies an emerging global culture of self-care," said Jon Bellante, KitchenAid's global marketing director in a media release. "The color was chosen to inspire makers around the world to nourish creativity and take part in immersive wellness in their culinary journey and beyond."

The new color will be available in two items: KitchenAid's Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Mixer ($380) and K400 Blender ($250). You can purchase them both at starting today.

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