Land O Lakes Makes Cinnamon Sugar Butter That Is The Ultimate Fall Spread

Even if you’re used to making all sorts of complicated dishes in the kitchen, sometimes you simply cannot beat some simple buttered toast. It doesn’t matter what type of bread or what brand of butter, it’s all pretty delicious…but if you give us toast with this Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread from Land O Lakes, we definitely will not complain.

Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread, 6.5 oz.
We certainly got excited when we heard that Maple Butter from Land O Lakes was returning this year, but we were recently informed of this other butter’s existence via a post on and it was love at first sight. This cinnamon sugar butter has been around for a few years but if you haven’t given it a try, fall is the perfect time to add it to your cart. It’s made with a blend of cinnamon, sugar, and creamy butter to make a spread that will add a touch of sweetness to anything you make. It doesn’t have to be new to make us very, very excited to try it.
Land O Lakes suggests you make add this to everything from toast to hot cereal to baked apples, but as pointed out, we can’t help but notice this a great dupe for when you can’t get to a Texas Roadhouse and you’re craving some fresh rolls with cinnamon butter.
You can thankfully find this particular butter all over the place, including at Walmart for around $2. Get yourself some delicious pull-apart rolls while you’re there and dinner just got upgraded in a big way.

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