Little Caesar’s and Pizza Hut Bring Two Favorites Back From the Dead

Pizza: we all love it. It’s never disappearing from the culinary landscape barring some catastrophic event similar to whatever happens in that upcoming Danny Boyle movie where everyone forgets the Beatles existed.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean that certain, uh, memorable takes on dough, sauce, and cheese from the illustrious past of America’s great pizza chains should disappear forever. This week marks the return of two different pizza and pizza-adjacent products that were last available before Postmates and Doordash were a thing.

First up, there’s Little Caesars’ “Bacon Wrapped DEEP! DEEP!™ Dish Pizza,” which starts with a cavernous take on Detroit-style pepperoni pizza (square with a crispy edge) and surrounds the perimeter with bacon. Three-and-a-half feet of bacon to be exact.

Why’s it back now? Because bacon is still big. Despite being the internet’s favorite meat for over a decade at this point, nationwide fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s (among others) have suddenly realized that people want to eat bacon. There seems to be a wide open lane in the pizza game when it comes to claiming ownership of bacon, so it makes sense that the people who recently gave us “lasagna pizza” would bust open the vault in an attempt to stake their bacon claim.

Simultaneously, Pizza Hut is bringing back an old standby that takes the very concept of pizza and folds it inward on itself. That’s right: the P’zone is back on Pizza Hut menus for the first time since Obama’s first term, just in time to celebrate the 2019 edition of March Madness. Three filling flavors, Pepperoni, Meaty, and Supremo, will be wrapped in a “toasted parmesan crust” and offered to the masses.

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Pizza Hut’s reason for reintroducing this one-pound take on the calzone? Probably to get Gen Z’ers into eating calzones. “There is a whole generation of people who have never had the P’Zone,” Pizza Hut Chief Brand Officer Marianne Radley told Forbes. “We thought it would be fun to introduce it to them during March Madness and by having it as part of this $5 Lineup, it will lower that barrier of entry for them to come try it.”  

So if you’re one of the many sports fans who’ll either be working from home or mailing it in at the office once the NCAA Tournament tips off, why not feed yourself a few feet of bacon or an overstuffed calzone? You may not win your bracket, but the delicious taste of pizza nostalgia is the one shining moment that truly counts.

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