Macy’s Is Expected To Close About 45 Locations This Year

Macy’s is set to close about 45 of its retail locations by the middle of 2021, according to a recent report by CNBC.
The outlet reported that employees at the affected stores were notified of the closures this week, but it was not able to confirm a list of the specific stores that are set to shutter. However, some local outlets in places like Cincinnati, OH, and Northwest Indiana have been able to independently confirm store closures in their areas. A full list of affected stores is expected to be made available on Macy’s website at some point today.
A spokeswoman for the brand appeared to confirm the news in a statement to CNBC, noting that these expected closures were part of a plan to close 125 of its locations by 2023, something that was announced last February.“As previously announced, Macy’s is committed to rightsizing our store fleet by concentrating our existing retail locations in desirable and well-trafficked A and B malls,” a spokeswoman told CNBC in a statement: “To that end, we announced several store closures today that align to the guidance we provided in February 2020. These closures bring us closer to achieving the right mix of mall-based stores.”
The company currently operates 544 Macy’s stores, 34 Bloomingdale’s locations, 19 Bloomingdale’s outlets, and 166 Bluemercury shops, according to its website. Liquidation sales at some of the affected Macy’s locations have already started, according to CNBC, and more are expected to begin later on in January.
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