Mariah Carey Created Her Own Line Of Cookies Just In Time For The Holidays

Mariah’s Cookies will be available for order beginning this Friday in more than 30 markets across the U.S. If you’re based in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Honolulu, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and a handful of other cities, you’ll be able to enjoy these first (check the full list of locations in the press release here!) If you don’t see your city on the list, never fear: Mariah’s Cookies will be adding more spots throughout the month and even more in 2021.
With that, I will leave you with some words from the queen herself on her new cookie line: “Yay, cookies! We love ’em….love ’em during the holidays… ’em all year round!!” That’s absolutely right!

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