Michelob Ultra Will Pay You $50K To Live In A Van, Take Photos Of Nature, And Drink Beer

If you’re on TikTok, you might be as obsessed as I am with the people who have dropped everything to travel the country by van to…presumably…be hot and hike? Unclear. But if you too would like to make a living by traveling to some of the most beautiful spots in the U.S. while also being highly encouraged to down some beers in the process, Michelob ULTRA wants to hear from you.
Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is looking for a new CEO, but you can probably already guess they don’t exactly want you to run the company. No, they’re looking for a Chief Exploration Officer who can do the extremely important work of traveling across the U.S. for six months to various national parks and other beautiful places in partnership with the National Parks Foundation. Your only responsibility is to connect with nature and snap some pics that Michelob can share on its social media channels.
Don’t worry, the company will provide you with a state-of-the-art van, gas money, beer, AND a salary of $50,000 plus expenses. Not too shabby! They’ve also made it clear they’ll be following CDC guidelines to make sure you have a safe and socially distant experience. However, you are free to bring a friend, spouse, partner, dog, etc. if you want to share the love, though you obviously have to be 21+ to apply.
Applications are open right now and you can go here right now to fill one out. You should also submit a photo showcasing your nature photography using the hashtag #PureGoldCEO. Oh, and do it all by September 30! Nature is waiting, you guys!!

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