Milk Bar’s Treats, Including Truffle Crumb Cakes And Cookies, Are Now Being Sold At Target

Milk Bar Truffle Crumb Cake Chocolate Chip
The iconic dessert chain Milk Bar is making its treats even more accessible by now offering truffle crumb cakes and cookies at Target. You didn’t need another reason to love Target, but you get this one nonetheless.
The launch includes two types of treats: truffle crumb cakes and cookies. The truffle crumb cakes are brand new and inspired by Milk Bar’s signature bakery cake truffles and classic supermarket desserts, according to a press release. They come in three flavors including birthday, chocolate birthday, and chocolate chip. The treats are basically cakey, gooey bases covered in icing, sprinkles, and crumbs. You can find them in the refrigerated aisle at Target in packs of two for about $3.

Milk Bar Compost Cookies

The cookies are soft-baked and inspired by Milk Bar’s signature mix-ins and flavors. The three options are confetti, a vanilla-infused sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles; compost, a cookie that has pieces of pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham crackers, chocolate chips, and butterscotch in it; and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow, which is exactly what it sounds like. Each flavor comes in a carton of eight cookies (four two-packs) for about $5. Bonus: More cookie flavors–including holiday ones with special tins–will debut in November.
The Target launch follows Milk Bar’s initial expansion into the grocery store space with its cookies becoming available at Whole Foods earlier this year. If you’re a Target, Whole Foods, and Milk Bar fan, this is a good year for you!

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