Olympian Katie Ledecky Balanced A Glass Of Chocolate Milk On Her Head While Swimming A Lap

In the video, you can watch Katie place the freshly poured glass of chocolate milk on the top of her swim cap before taking off to swim the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool. She doesn’t drop the glass or seemingly even a DROP of the stuff and takes a big sip at the end. How is this possible?? Can someone who gets science please explain this to me? The reasoning I’m working off of is that she is superhuman, so I’m just going with that.
Of course everyone else freaked out in the comments AS THEY SHOULD: “This defies the laws of physics,” wrote 2016 Olympic diver Kassidy Cook. “Seriously, is it wrong of me to think this is even more impressive than a few of your WR’s?!!!” asked decorated Olympian Summer Sanders. “Hoooowww nervous were you when you did this?!” asked two-time gold medal-winner Simone Manuel.
I personally can barely swim without getting water up my nose so if you’ll excuse me I’ll be watching this video over and over with my jaw continuing to be dropped. Seems like I’m in great company!

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