Reese's New Snack Cake Is a Perfect Excuse to Eat Candy for Breakfast


Any new snack or sweet from Reese's is greeted with great celebration and jubilance from the brand's devout fans. So today's news of the iconic candy's first-of-its-kind snack cake will likely be embraced with great fanfare by the candy faithful, too.
The new Reese's Snack Cakes combine two favorite ingredients (that's peanut butter and chocolate, of course) with a soft, billowy chocolate cake. It's perfect for a quick dessert or mid-afternoon snack. But here's the best part: The snack cakes are in fact designed for breakfast.

According to Reese's, the inspiration for the snack cake came from a poll they conducted in which 83 percent of participants said they've eaten dessert before noon in the past month (which, it's 2020, so… yeah). So in a truly generous move, Reese's developers created the snack cake to give us all an excuse to continue this trend. No question this snack cake will be perfect for your midmorning snack, and we bet it will pair nicely with that second (or third) cup of coffee.

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"We know that sometimes you just don't want to wait until lunch — that's how Reese’s Snack Cakes were born!" Mike Orr, Snacksbrand manager, said in a statement.

The Reese's Snack, which will drop in December at convenience stores nationwide, will be around indefinitely. A two-cake pack will retail for about $2. They'll feature the real milk chocolate we all know and love from Reese's, combined with a peanut butter creme that we expect will be delicious.

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