These Brilliant Adjustable Measuring Spoons Went Viral on TikTok—and They’re as Little as $9 on Amazon

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A well-stocked drawer of kitchen tools is advantageous, but it can often be difficult to find smaller items like measuring spoons in them. A 1/4 teaspoon could be buried under hefty rolling pins or hiding in mixing bowls, and even if you've already pulled out the tablespoon and 1/2 teaspoon, you still need to blindly search for the correct measurement.

But you won't have to locate runaway spoons if you have the brilliant KitchenArt's Cook Pro Adjust-a-Measure tablespoons and teaspoons. The measuring spoons, which went viral on TikTok, are designed with all the increments consolidated into one adjustable spoon. Instead of having to use a different tool for every measurement, just slide the cover of the desired measurement, let it click into place, and get to properly measuring.

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To buy: KitchenArt Cook's Pro Adjust-A-Measure Set, 3-Piece, $25 (originally $31);

The durable spoons come in a few sizes. One includes teaspoon, tablespoon, and cup measurements, another has built-in teaspoon and tablespoon increments on one tool, and the final includes milliliter, tablespoon, and teaspoon measurements. Since they're all small and slim, they take up far less space in a cabinet or drawer.

Amazon shoppers join TikTok users in loving these adjustable measuring spoons, with many nothing that they're a "space saver" and a "great, compact tool." Several shoppers mention that they "use these every day" and they're "good for both dry and wet measuring." Plus, they're equally affordable compared to the traditional plastic variety, ranging in price from $9 to $25, depending on the design.

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To buy: KitchenArt Adjust-A-Teaspoon and Adjust-A-Tablespoon Set, $9;

"I have a small kitchen and real estate is at a premium," one shopper shares. "I am also a cook, so I pare down all unnecessary items. These are great gifts for your recent college grad or someone who lives in a condo or apartment. Wish more products like these were invented and marketed."

"I bought this set to help with portion control," another shopper says. "Since they are so small I can leave them on my kitchen counter to use all day without taking up too much space. The teaspoon rocks because it is small enough to fit into all of my spice jars. Great little space-saving set!"

Shop the adjustable measuring spoons on Amazon and toss out bulky teaspoon and tablespoon sets.

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To buy: Lomily Adjustable Measuring Spoon, $11;

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