These Halloween-Themed Cookie Kits Will Be A Fun Way To Celebrate Halloween At Home

Oreo makes a version of haunted house decorating kits available at Michael’s, and now there are a few kits by the brand Hyde and EEK! Boutique you can choose from. Hyde and EEK! is available in stores like Target and online through Amazon and offers a bunch of Halloween-themed kitchen and home decor items for the holiday.

Moonlit Cottage Chocolate Cookie House Kit

Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit

Twisted Tavern Chocolate House Cookie Kit
@Junkfoodinthetrunk3 spotted a Moonlit Cottage chocolate cookie kit by the brand at Target which included precooked chocolate cookies, orange icing, and decorative candies. Hyde and EEK! also offers a chocolate cookie graveyard kit and sugar cookie decorating kit that come with edible toppings like icing, candies, and sprinkles.
Each box comes with instructions that show how to properly put together the pieces and photos that will give you some decorating inspiration. All of Hyde and EEK!’s products are available to order on Amazon in case your Target is not yet stocked with all of their Halloween offers or are sold out.
Halloween traditions will undoubtedly look different this year due to trick-or-treating safety precautions, so these kits are a great way to celebrate at home with something sweet. They’ll also help you brush up on your ginger bread house skills before December, which is always a plus.

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